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I participate in the draw 1 rod
I participate in the draw 2 rods
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I want my rod to be automatically reserved and pay with my credit card
(Non-refundable and non-exchangeable)
I want to automatically reserve 1 rod for my guest and pay it with my credit card
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I agree to fish without my guest if there is only 1 rod is available

ZEC Petite Cascap├ędia Prices (including taxes)
Draws from June 13th until july 29th
B Sector* (8 rods limited sector)
Qu├ębec resident Non resident
Member: 78.45 $ Member: 156.90 $
Non-member: 93.59 $ Non-member: 187.18 $
Each form costs 2.50 $.
Registration for the 48 hours draw must be completed before 18:00 P.M the day before the draw.
Users must correctly complete a form for each draw. It must be fully completed, otherwise, it will be automatically rejected , and this without refund.
The name of the fisherman can not appear more than once as a titular and once as guest. The reservation is not transferable.
Titular must indicate whether he participates in the draw for the allocation of 1 or 2 rods.
The draw will take place at 10:00 o'clock AM two ( 2) days before the fishing trip (48 hours) at the head office of the river. We will know the winners by calling (418) 392-4105 or by checking the list that will be displayed at the same place. It is the responsibility of the participants to know the list of winners.
Winners will have until 9:00 AM the day after the draw to confirm and pay for their reservation , Otherwise these access rights will be granted to the next depending on the waiting list.